Andrea’s Beau


While reading a blog devoted to hair care, I ran across the company Andrea’s Beau.  She specializes in hair ornaments for women and girls and I was blown away by her beautiful creations.  Her intricate, detailed handywork would be a treasure for anyone desiring that special piece for that special occassion.  With a background deeply rooted in fashion, it was only natural for Andrea to fall in love with color, textures, and fabrics.  Here is the company’s mission:

Our primary goal is to create irresistibly pretty accessories for girls and women.

Andrea’s Beau products are handmade in the United States by a team of remarkable women who love the idea that their creations adorn girls and women throughout the world. Our flexible work schedules allow these women to balance their professional and private lives. We don’t outsource because we believe that the personal connection each of us feels toward our beautiful products fosters a joyful atmosphere in the workplace, results in superior workmanship, and elevates our brand.

Our goal is also to ensure that we reach excellence in customer service, environmental practices, and charitable acts. We measure our success by our own smiles at the end of a work day and by the outpouring of laudatory comments we receive from our customers.

Andrea’s Beau

Andrea’s Beau products can be purchased online or you may be able to find her products locally by searching at

“Exquisite ribbon, a silk flower, beaded trim, a passementerie tassel… each inspires me to create ornaments that delight not only the wearer, but all who see her. If my designs evoke a delighted ‘ahhh!,’ I’m happy.”
— Andrea

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